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Power Rankings: Full House

26 Sep

(Power Rankings sum up:  Each week, we’ll pick a television show and rank the actors/actresses/contestants/correspondents/etc. based on what they’ve done after the series ended (unless we’re ranking a current series, in which case we’ll have to bend the rules).  Preference will be given to more recent work, but if the work was a long time ago, but much more important/relevant, that will be factored in as well)

Back to back early 90s show rankings.  Sometimes it just goes that way.

9.  Andrea Barber (as Kimmy Gibbler) – Yeah, she retired from acting after Full House ended.  Oh well.

8. Jodie Sweetin (as Stephanie Tanner) – She was in two episodes of Party of Five, one of Yes, Dear and hosted the second season of Fuse show Pants Off Dance Off.  That’s just about it.

7.  Dave Coulier – (as Joey Gladstone) – Most of his post-Full House work has been voice roles, including individual episodes of Pinky and the Brain, Extreme Ghostbusters, Dexter’s Laboratory, Teen Titans and six episodes of Robot Chicken.  He appeared in person in an episode of Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher, four of George & Leo and in The Even Stevens Movie.

6. Candace Cameron (as DJ Tanner) – She appeared in a number of TV movies in the late ‘90s, and in single episodes of Boy Meets World and That’s So Raven.  She finally got another real shot with her role in ABC Family gymnast show Make It Or Break It, where she is a regular and plays Summer Van Horn, a true to real life a devout Christian, who is also manager of the gym.

5. Ashley Olsen (as Michelle Tanner) – Here’s how this is going to work.  95% of Ashley’s post-Full House work is the same as Mary-Kate’s.  We’ll discuss that here.  Under Mary-Kate, we’ll just work with her separate work, which is why she’s ahead.  They both appeared in at the end of Full House and right after video series The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley and You’re Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s….  They starred together in a number of twin related films, such as It Takes Two in 1995, Passport to Paris in 1999, When In Rome in 2002, and New York Minute in 2004.  They also had their own animated series Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! in 2001.

4.  Mary-Kate Olsen (also as Michelle Tanner) – she’s got all that Ashley good stuff, and 8 episodes of Weeds and 2011 film Beastly.  And yeah, when you’re that similar, that’s all you need to get ahead.

3.  Lori Loughlin (as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis) – The last three are quite close, and I’m honestly not sure how to rank them at all.  Loughlin is probably the single most underrated cast member. Loughlin has appeared on a number of shows since the end of Full House.  She starred immediately after Full House ended in Hudson Street for its one season next to co-star Tony Danza.  Like many of her fellow cast members she spent the late ‘90s doing TV movies, but she also appeared in a Suddenly Susan and a Seinfeld as Patty, Jerry’s girlfriend who tries to get him to be more in touch with his feelings.  In 2001 she was on three Spin Citys and in 2002 she was on two Drew Carey Shows.  In 2004, she co-created and starred in Summerland on the WB as a fashion designer.  The show lasted a year.  She appeared on episodes of Ghost Whisperer and Jake In Progress, and from 2008 to 2011 starred in 90210 as Debbie Wilson.

2. Bob Sagat (as Danny Tanner) – Saget also struggled post-Full House, though his second gig as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos lasted a couple years after the end of Full House’s run.  He starred in the 21-episode WB series Raising Dad again as a widower, this time with two kids, Kat Dennings and Brie Larson.  He appeared in Dumb and Dumberer and in single episodes of Huff and Listen Up.  He directed the Norm McDonald film Dirty Work. In 2005, he started his role as the narrator of How I Met Your Mother, which he continues to this day.  He hosted the two year game show 1 vs. 100 and guest starred in episodes of Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  He also starred in the short-lived 2009 ABC sitcom Surviving Suburbia and has made multiple appearances as an exaggerated version of himself on Entourage.

1. John Stamos (as Jesse Katsopolis) – Stamos’ post-Full House career started out slower than he would have liked, as Stamos did nothing but a handful of TV movies until 2000, with names like Sealed with a Kiss and The Marriage Fool.  Time was kind though.  In 2001, he got a starring role in the show Thieves, which failed after 10 episodes.  2003 saw an appearance in a Friends episode and appearance in TV movie The Reagans.  In 2005, he starred in short-lived Jake in Progress and got a role on ER which he continued until the show’s end, for four seasons.  In 2010, he got involved in recurring roles in both Entourage, as himself, and Glee, as dentist Carl Howell.  In 2011, he appeared in a Law & Order: SVU.