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Daily Viewing Report: June 25, 2012

26 Jun

Okay, to ensure that I post more often, I’ll be posting quick, shorter, hits, hopefully as close to daily as possible with notes on recent viewings.

What I watched today:

Daily Show/Colbert Report – Here’s a tumblr idea:  review Daily Show and Colbert Report.  I’m not going to do it.  Someone should though.

Wimbledon, wimbledon, wimbledon – I still don’t understand why more people don’t like tennis.  Sad, really.  Wimbledon was probably my second favorite major once upon a time, but that flipped, at least for now, to French because my fourth or fifth favorite person of all time Rafael Nadal wins that one every year.

Mets game – one of the worst defensive innings I have seen in my entire life; two dropped pop ups for three base errors each, and a third error, for good measure.  Brutal.

The Newsroom – I’ll write more about this later; but here’s what you need to know in a sentence – pro: Aaron Sorkin is a very talented writer and though watching some of the conversations can be exhausting, there’s also a distinctive Sorkin patter that finds a rhythm by the end of the episode/ con: the show is fairly preachy and sanctimonious and while more TV shows are showing a world that is, Newsroom still lives in Sorkin’s sensibility of what a world should be