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Spring 2012 Review: GCB

26 Apr

One of the good christian bitches on the right


GCB begins with our protagonist, Amanda Vaughn, finding out that her husband, who has embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors (this embezzlement trope has to have been in at least a dozen shows over the last couple of years), and attempted to run off with his mistress, only to die in a car crash after veering off road when his mistress gave him a blowjob while he was driving.  Since the government took everything that remained, Vaughn now has nothing except the clothes on her back and her two kids, and decides to move the back to Dallas, where she grew up, and back with her overbearing zealous extremely Southern mother (Annie Potts), for a fresh start.

While she moves back and tries to figure out what to do with her life, we learn, though she’s humble and well meaning now, she was a mean girl queen bee in high school and tortured several of her classmates.  Those classmates are now well off and fashionable and upon seeing Amanda come back into town, they conspire to have their very southernly hospitable revenge.  The pack is led by Carlene Cockburn (Kristen Chenowith), once fat, and the biggest target of high school Amanda.  She’s got her lacky, formerly attractive but now fat, Sharon, and another crafty cohort in Cricket.  The fourth former Amanda enemy hanging around is Heather Cruz, unique in that she is the only member of the pack who seems to realize Amanda has changed and legitimately befriend her.  Making the women more angry is the fact that the husbands and men in their circle all seem to be attracted to Amanda, particularly Sharon’s husband; Cricket’s husband seems to have feelings for her as well, until we find out he’s in the closet, and it’s just actual friendship.

Amanda has trouble finding work, partly due to Carlene and co., who use their power in the community to ensure no one will hire her.  She eventually finds a job as a waitress at a Hooters-like establishment, sticking more of a middle finger at the Dallas high society her mom and former high school classmates now inhabit. She finds out that while she was made fun of by Carlene for her new job, Carlene’s company actually owns the restaurant in which she works, and decides to embarrass Carlene in front of everyone at church, which appears to be the ultimate southern embarrassment.  It’s on, ladies, like Donkey Kong.

The idea, if GCB is successful, is clearly to replace ABC Sunday night property Desperate Housewives, which is departing after this season.  GCB attempts to have the same trashy/fun/soapy/satirical/doesn’t-take-itself-too-seriously tone that Desperate Housewives rode to 8 occasionally repetitive but for the most part successful seasons.  Just like Desperate Housewives, GCB is all about the polite society on the surface, sex and filth underneath, and you know, catfights.  It’s better than I thought it would be, but I’m not sure whether or not it will have legs.  Nothing about it make it incredibly compelling viewing, and does anyone else find Kristin Chenoweth grating after a while (I think it’s the voice)?  It’s perfectly harmless, and if done at its best it could be the kind of enjoyable type drama which doesn’t make you think too much.  I just don’t think it’s likely to get there.

Will I watch it again?  Probably not.  It really is not bad, but I currently have Revenge satisfying my trashy/soap, (albeit a lot lot more serious) show quota.  There’s just nothing about it to help it stand out above anything else.