Ranking the Shows I Watch – Sum Up

1 Dec
I’ve finished ranking the shows I currently watch.  A few have joined the pack since I started the rankings, and a couple of have dropped off but those edits are for another edition.  Here’s a quick look at the rankings with brief notes about if the show’s ranking might change if I drew up the order today instead of a couple of months ago.
  1. Breaking Bad – stays right where it is
  2. Game of Thrones – same – can’t wait for next season
  3. Mad Men – hasn’t been on in a year in a half so same
  4. Community – every week these next two shows are on the air I go back and forth between which one I like more – it’s only fitting that they’re next to each other on the list
  5. Parks and Recreation
  6. Children’s Hospital – saw a repeat recently, still great
  7. Archer – I want to watch the whole series over, but while I initially thought this was an overreaction I’m now happy with where I have it
  8. Venture Brothers – this series only seems to air every two years making it even harder to evaluate
  9. Justified – same ranking – hasn’t been on in months
  10. Terriers – this will just continue to fade from the memory – sad
  11. Bored to Death – the just concluded third season has been its best yet – this might have jumped a couple of spots, certainly over the soon invalid Terriers
  12. Walking Dead – I could drop this a couple of spots for being more about potential than fulfilling it, but I’m not as upset with its placement as I’d thought I’d be
  13. Eagleheart – I haven’t seen it again since the summer, but yeah, it’s hilarious
  14. The Office – I feel like the next three, and as I look further, four shows are exactly where they should be, shows that would have been top 10 for sure at earlier points in their run but have faded back and plateaued into still enjoyable, but below peak form
  15. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  16. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  17. 30 Rock
  18. Dexter – initially I thought I had put this too low, but as this newest season continues to be its worst yet I’d drop it a few spots
  19. Friday Night Lights – I still haven’t finished the series which is admittedly shameful, I need to get on that before any major reevaluation
  20. Boardwalk Empire – the second season has been better than the first – I’m not sure how far it climbs, but above Dexter undoubtedly
  21. White Collar – same as before
  22. Workaholics – this climbs a few spots as a show just beginning to hit its peak.  A couple of this season’s episodes were instant classics
  23. The Killing – it’s pretty low already but just thinking about the last couple of episodes makes me angry.  Drop it at least past Top Chef
  24. Top Chef – I can’t place a reality show too high, but it’s addictive
  25. Entourage – glad it’s over in a way, and the ending was cheap, but people are always too harsh on the show
  26. Psych – I haven’t been keeping up with this season, which says something about how unimportant it is to miss random episodes, but I still enjoy what I catch and may watch them all on a lazy Sunday afternoon
  27. How I Met Your Mother – this show has its moments, mostly involving Barney, but it’s sinking – there’s a lot of seemingly very special episodes and melodrama (though points for Lily and Marshall moving into my hometown)
  28. The League – you know, it’s become an absolutely far more ridiculous show than it was at the beginning and misses big sometimes but it has truly laugh out moments which shouldn’t be underrated, moves about HIMYM for sure
  29. True Blood – I’m debating whether to stop watching, though I’m leaning in that direction
  30. Royal Pains – you know, as much as I watched this show ironically, it’s gotten better – put it up a spot or two
  31. Rubicon – thankfully don’t have to worry about watching a second season, because I probably would have watched  but it might be best that I don’t have to
  32. Fairly Legal – hasn’t been back on, though not sure how much I’ll watch when it does
  33. Modern Family – don’t really watch – it’s better than Glee, but I don’t really feel bad about it
  34. Glee – stopped watching – it’s not very good

One Response to “Ranking the Shows I Watch – Sum Up”

  1. Beardface December 5, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Did you recap just so I could be pissed about the low placement of Curb all over again?

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