Spring 2015 Review: Weird Loners

3 Apr

Weird Loners

The loose premise for this 30-somethings-hanging-out comedy is that four mid-30-somethings that haven’t settled down while their friends and colleagues all have, because there’s essentially something wrong with them, all meet, and start hanging out.

Here’s our crew. There’s Stosh, the jerk – he’s smooth, good at his job and handsome, but a total douchebag who gets fired in the pilot despite his stellar record because he slept with the boss’s fiancé. There’s Eric, who is the loser of the group. He’s cousins with Stosh, and he’s seems like the type of guy who has no friends He stays at home making puppet shows. There’s Zara, who’s just kind of a weirdo. She somehow becomes friends with Eric after he buys one of her painting at a street fair, and she’s just kinda strange. And then there’s Caryn, who is the straight woman of the crew, in a comedic, rather than a sexual identity sense. The episode is primarily told through her point of view, and she seems actively anxious about getting older and whether there’s something wrong with her because she doesn’t want who or what she thinks she should want, where there’s no evidence the others care one way or the other.

What are they doing together? It probably doesn’t really matter. Caryn has a nagging mom, and a wannabe upright-but-boring fiancé played by David Wain, whose appearance is just about the highlight of the show. The four don’t really make sense with one another, and don’t seem to have any logical chemistry or any reason to be spending time together. It is somewhat hard to imagine that they’d actively enjoy each other’s company for sustained periods of time.

I get the premise and the attempted style of comedy. This is totally a show designed for me, for someone who likes shows like Happy Endings and New Girl, shows of best friend late 20 and 30 somethings hanging out together and getting into wacky situations and doing generally sitcom-y stuff. These are modern comedies that share some classic values and sitcom devices.  Those successful shows are based on the deep friendship and love that groups the main characters together, which really is what makes both New Girl and Happy Endings work. Without that, there’s something wanting, and that’s what Weird Loners is.

Of course, if the show was simply funny enough, every other chemistry or friendship or enjoying-watching-characters consideration wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s not.

Will I watch it again? No. Weird Loners is one of those spring replacement shows that was never going to succeed and will be forgotten very quickly if it hasn’t been already.

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